Guitarist / Vocalist / Multi-instrumentalist

Guitarist, vocalist, oudist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Donnie blends rock, metal, soundscapes, and electronic music to create a unique brand of scifi-inspired ambient-electronic guitar rock, often pitting melodic, bowed electric guitars against a backdrop of soundscapes, grinding synth bass and Marshall-driven rhythms cranked to 11.

His style combines a range of influences from composers Howard Shore & Jeremy Soule, guitar wizards such as Joe Satriani, and Scandinavian metal artists Nightwish. He has been heavily influenced in recent years by the artist Celldweller, whom he credits as inspiration to keep going when the business gets tough.

“In the late 90’s, I funded (and scrapped) Silverwing’s second album and then went on tour with Jon Mikl Thor. Both of those things, while great experiences, were a strain financially, and I had pretty much dropped out of the music business entirely by the early-2000’s. I was stuck in a corporate cubicle when I discovered Celldweller on Klayton proved to me that 1) an artist didn’t need a major label to succeed, and 2) you could work under several monikers, as I had been trying to do with Silverwing and my solo albums. Watching his success from the sidelines opened my eyes to just how limiting being a “traditional artist on a label” was.”

Circuit Scream & Circuit Scream Productions

A 2014 EP, “Guitronica” was Donnie’s return to music after a five year hiatus (he was off “doing the filmmaking thing” and launching a sci-fi franchise). The EP and its single, “The Eyes Behind the Stars”, are available on iTunes, and was released as “Circuit Scream”, which had been the name of his film production company.

Recent Circuit Scream releases include the dark ambient projects DarkScapes Volume 1 & 2, featuring original artwork, a sci-fi concept, and “ArtScapes” versions – pixels to audio conversions – of the album cover and other artwork.

The albums & singles are available at Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, and Brite. Having recently dropped the Circuit Scream moniker, some of his previous solo projects are being re-released under his own name and will be available here at and all the standard music outlets later in 2017.

Composer / Producer

Besides Circuit Scream and other solo projects, Donnie keeps busy in the studio creating loop and sample collections, working on sound design, and composing cinematic & orchestral scores. From the Audio ConstruXX, Melodic Guitar Loops, & Dark Loops product lines to scoring the Star Force 7 film trilogy, to directing voice actors for animated films, he has crafted a recognizable style through his creative outlets.

Visual Artist / Filmmaker

Star Force 7 is a space opera set in the 44th century. Created by Donnie in the early 80’s, the stories sat in a notebook for years until the mid-90s, and he started re-developing the characters and worlds. In 2009, Circuit Scream Films launched, and production on a feature-length SF7 film, “The Chill of Distant Eyes” began. In addition to writing, directing, and composing the score, Donnie is the principal animator and matte artist on the film.

The film is still in production with a 2018 release date, and a graphic novel is in the works.

Follow the series at

Entrepreneur / Product Developer

When he’s not busy creating music, art and film, Donnie owns and operates several other outlets in various sectors. One of those is Worldbuilder Media, a gaming products company providing digital assets such as stock audio, textures, and stock art for game developers. Worldbuilder also publishes the “World of Greywyn”, a universal campaign setting for RPG tabletop systems.

With Domain Name Riot ( and DGM Products, Donnie creates, buys, and resells intellectual properties and brands, developing websites and digital/physical products, and investing in domain names and other digital properties.