New Site, Old Name

I’m dropping the Circuit Scream moniker – here’s why.

That alias was great for the dark ambient-electronic projects but now that I am moving back to a more guitar-based, melodic (and positive) direction, it’s time for a change back to my own name.

This doesn’t mean “the end” of Circuit Scream – will remain online and the music & merch still available – I feel like I have said all I can in that artistic mode & I won’t be creating any new CS material right now. The Explorations album & book has been done for some time, and it will be released at some point as it ties together the DarkScapes albums & wraps up that series. I’m in talks with a publisher to release a DarkScapes art book, and there are also a lot of unreleased tracks going back to 2013-2014 that will eventually be available. And, Circuit Scream Productions still produces loops/samples and soundtrack work: there are new audio products on the way through outlets which have only recently come to fruition.

But right now as a solo artist, my focus is on the new, melodic instrumental guitar material as well as getting back to vocals. So it’s time for a re-brand. Or is that a “re-re-brand”? 😉

While I still love to create dark ambient music, it seems that for a time, Circuit Scream was a vehicle to “purge the darkness” that had built up through negative associations over the past several years; therapy, if you will. I also felt the need to relocate from my previous basement studio, in addition to other life changes such as minimalism – both material and project-wise. Naturally this changes the music I express and that’s a good thing.

I will be focusing more on developing this website platform than on the social sites, which means anything I create will be available here, some things exclusively. Instagram, FB & Twitter will still be updated of course, but this site will be the hub for all my musical activities, including some new things which you’ll hear about in the next few months…

Thank you all for your support of Circuit Scream over the years. I hope you’ll enjoy the new stuff.

Peace & Love.