Circuit Scream is Donnie’s ambient & electronic project born from the production company bearing the same name. Composing sci-fi and horror-inspired electronic, ambient, drone music, orchestral, and soundscapes, Donnie released several albums and numerous tracks under this moniker from 2014-2017, with many more unreleased tracks waiting in the wings.

Undoubtedly the highlight of Circuit Scream’s output is the DarkScapes project, a massive undertaking involving nearly 200 total tracks (many still unreleased) across two volumes, several hundred pieces of artwork, merch design, and – with the as-yet unreleased Explorations album trilogy – a graphic novel and animation that fully reveals the loosely-defined narrative backdrop of the DarkScapes story.

DarkScapes featured just over 100 tracks that were generated from the artwork itself using pixel-to-sound software, and much of those art pieces were also automatically generated from fractal formulas, making these “ArtScapes” a unique offering that could only have come from a musician who is also a CG artist.

However this is only one facet of Circuit Scream; prior to DarkScapes, DC released “Guitronica”, which maintained his signature melodic guitar style, updating it with electronic grooves, glitch, and synth work. And even DarkScapes Vol. 2 went in a more electronic and orchestral direction than its predecessor, with high-energy, almost synth-pop tracks like “United Citizens of the Wastelands” and “Star Decay”.

Donnie may have moved on from the name, but there is still plenty of material being released-connect on Twitter, Instagram, or to keep updated.